Maintenance is Forever!
"Maintenance Excellence Begins with PRIDE-in-Maintenance!"

Reliability & Maintenance Excellence Services

Typically, our very first steps with a manufacturing client begins with a Scoreboard for Maintenance Excellence assessment to "determine where you are" with opportunities for improvement.

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Operational Services

Successful Implementation is the Cornerstone of Our Approach:

Our Alliance Team Members are highly qualified professionals and available to serve you with very cost effective day-to-day support which we call Operational Services. We have the technical knowledge... » Read more

Our Books and Publications

MBBP Book CoverContinuous professional and personal development is essential to Maintenance Leaders of the 21st Century.


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Our Alliance Team

Some of the World's best people make up our Alliance Team. We think so! Our core staff here in the USA is very LEAN. Almost a virtual company! Our Worldwide Alliance Team includes individuals, small maintenance consulting operations, and conference producing organizations. We do not officially endorse a particular CMMS system and have no CMMS vendors as official Alliance Team Members.

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Reliability and Maintenance Excellence Tools for Productivity

Our Founder has developed a number of important productivity tools over his of 38 years of maintenance experience with the Corps of Engineer-US Army, as a manufacturing plant manager for 2 sites, as director of facilities management and director of productivity management plus his worldwide consulting and training. These tools are provided to you in only two ways; 1) as electronic references for TrueWorkShops and 2) as a resource we provide to clients during all Scoreboard assessments. Some of these tools include;

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TrueWorkShops for Reliability and Maintenance Excellence

What is a TrueWorkShop?

We believe the principles and practices covered in or training can be taken back and put into practices for a true return-on-investment. A TrueWorkShop requires active participation and work. There is pre-course work and extensive practical exercises on key topics, extensive idea sharing and instructor’s case studies from over 300 plant and facility sites. There is a pre-test and post-test.  Each attendee receives today’s most comprehensive benchmarking tool; The Scoreboard for Maintenance Excellence to complete prior to start date. Their final task is to develop and present to the class, a plan of action for your organization.

A TrueWorkShop is Not Over When It’s Over!

Attendees benefit most when they attend as part of a 3-4 person company team. Your team will work together and return to your organization as a team with new knowledge and team support for your new plans for improved reliability and maintenance excellence.

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